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We are the Vasquez family!  We set up this site in honor of our daughter, Abigail.

May 1, 2013 the Vasquez family was changed forever when a car accident paralyzed the father, Johnny, and Abigail passed away during surgery.  They were hit head on from a vehicle that crossed the median on the opposing lane on Interstate 10.  The family waited a while to bury Abigail, because the father was in critical condition.  By the grace of God, he did survive.

Abigail loved life and had exciting dreams for the future.  She spoke French fluently and always hoped to travel to France.  Her room was filled with books and it was normal to see her reading throughout the week.  She planned on being the author of the family.  About a year before her passing, she really developed a love for student ministry at Our Savior's Church (OSC).  They challenged her to take her faith further by sharing with her friends in school and start really going deep into the bible.  She did just that.  The day of the accident she was at peace leaving this world to spend eternity with Jesus.

May 14, 2013 was her bithday and the day of her funeral.  Our community of principals, teachers and staff, students, churches, friends and family came to her funeral.  Over 450 people were in attendance and over 50 made a decision to become a Christian or rededicate their life.  Months later the family received messages from social media and in person about the way she inspired them.

Today, Johnny and Ivette share their experience of this day believing to bring hope and to keep their daughter's memory alive.  Johnny was told he will be on life support for the rest of his life, be a vegetable, and paralyzed from the neck down.  This was not the case when he started to move his hands, arms, and slowly his legs.  He can now breathe on his own and his mind fully intacted.  He is still working on standing.  See a recent video here.  Ivette shares their story at events and groups.  Watch her share what happened and be inspired by her faith and willingness not to give up here.  Also, she is continuing her daughter's dream of being an author.  Currently, she is finishing up her first of many books.  Johnny and Ivette currently facilitate a GriefShare group at OSC, walking with others through the journey of grief to joy.

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